dj, producer, label owner + graphic designer

For over a decade, Krytika has been an active figure in the German Drum & Bass scene, recognized for his multifaceted contributions as a DJ, producer, label owner and graphic designer. Having released tracks on international top labels such as PRSPCT Recordings, Future Sickness Records, and Ohm Resistance, he has solidified his position within the global community. With a diverse musical repertoire ranging from Dark Drum & Bass to Crossbreed and Hardcore, Krytika's sets promise an intense and immersive experience. His performances at renowned events such as PRSPCT XL, Broken Base XL, Subviolenz, and Bassintoxication as well as festivals such as Freqs of Nature and Kulturlos Festival have further strengthened his reputation as an artist. He has already shared the stage with DJ Hidden, Dolphin, Thrasher, Akira, Sinister Souls, Audio, Dean Rodell, Dieselboy, Zardonic, Mike Redman and many more. His role as founder and resident of Komplex 175 showcases his commitment and dedication to curating exceptional events within the Drum & Bass scene. Beyond his musical endeavors, Krytika's creativity also extends to graphic design, where he has worked for labels such as PRSPCT Recordings and Methlab Recordings, as well as clubs and events such as Klub Forward and Subviolenz. His creative vision and attention to detail have undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the visual identity of numerous projects within the electronic music community.
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